Why microbiome?

Homo sapiens have been evolving and interacting for thousands of years with friendly microorganisms in the body. Specifically, metabolites nucleic acids produced by living microorganisms in the gut and even genetic materials are transported into the human systemic circulation and lead to activation of inactive genes through epigenetic mechanisms, which can benefit health, lead to the development of various diseases and evolution.

The microbiome of each person is individual. Microbiome varies greatly from person to person and affects blood sugar levels differently with its response to food. We obtain detailed information about the activities, diversity, and metabolites produced by the microorganisms in your body through our microbiome analysis and we plan your personalized nutrition program based on this information.


To promote the science of microbiome and to make it beneficial for human beings. To improve the quality of life of people with personalized diet programs suitable for microbiome.

Our Vision

To create personalized health technologies by targeting next-generation technologies Our aim is to make human health development a solution by giving priority to the principles of ethics of health sciences and to present it to the masses.

Our Values

Adhering to the principles and values of health ethics and commitment to science and new technologies.

Our Team