Frequently asked questions

We host trillions of microscopic tiny creatures in our bodies such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses with whom we share our food, drink, stress, smile, and diseases. These creatures have spread to many parts of our bodies and have been accompanying us from the moment we exist. We call the group created by these creatures ‘microbiota’. We collectively describe the habitat, genomes and interaction conditions of these tiny organisms as 'microbiomes'.
Through the studies we have carried out, we have observed that we asked the wrong question. The situation is not as superficial as a low-carbohydrate, low-fat and sugar-free life. This is why we cannot reach everyone at the rate we want with general healthy information. The right question is 'Which diet is the most appropriate one for me?' The answer is in your gut.
Your microbiome analysis shows your reaction to food. Every person gives different reactions to the same food. This analysis is necessary in order to balance your blood sugar levels and create a healthy and personalized diet list for you.
A great population is in question. Any person aged 16 and above can take this test. Those who are in the prediabetes stage, have any acute-chronic illness, weight and sleep problems, have autoimmune disorders, and who are healthy but want to have detailed information about their inner world in case of any possible diseases can take this test.
In this system, we create personalized nutrition recommendations based on artificial intelligence as a result of our analyzes and specifically ensure that the person consumes the most appropriate food in the most accurate way. We can eliminate the problems of individuals with specific nutrients that we provide for specific microorganisms.
First, users should subscribe by downloading the mobile application or via our website. This customized program starts after a few questions about the individual's health history and general diet habits are asked. Stool samples taken using the sample collection kit provided to the users are sent to Erciyes University Genome and Stem Cell Center. This laboratory is the first and largest genome and stem cell research center of Turkey. Here, the microbial DNA of the sample is analyzed, individual microbiome profiles are obtained, and the results are shared with the user through the mobile app with exclusive confidentiality. Which one of the thousands of foods is suitable for you is shown through the application with scoring. This program, which regulates the body mass index of the individual in a healthy way, is created with the dietary recommendation algorithms according to the individual’s microbiome profile.
You can give order easily via enbiosis mobile app or website. You can collect your sample at home at any time in less than two minutes, following the steps shown on the box. Your kit includes everything you need. Then, send your sample back to our address on the prepaid envelope attached.
Don’t worry. Your sampling tube contains DNA stabilizing liquid that kills microorganisms in the case of contact and protects the released microbial DNA from degradation. Any possible infectious agent dies before shipment. The said liquid is a special component designed to stabilize and protect your sample. When you transfer your sample from the swab to the sampling tube, the growth of microorganisms stops. This is very important because we want to know exactly what it looks like when you collect your sample. If your microorganisms are allowed to grow, the contents of the tube will change until they arrive at our laboratory. We ensure that they come to our laboratory without being affected by any conditions during transportation.
30 days is sufficient to suppress the harmful activities of the microbiome and increase its beneficial activities and to provide a more permanent effect on your microbiome and your overall health. You are the most basic measure of yourselves. We recommend you to repeat the test several times a year or as often as necessary to monitor the changes in your functional active microbiome.
You should repeat the test if more than six months have passed since your last test, you have received antibiotic treatment and more than 48 hours of inpatient treatment in any health center, you have undergone any operation, you have traveled abroad, and you are under too much stress.
The microbiome of every human is unique. The characteristics of the bacteria are encoded in their genes. These bacteria seem to be basically the same, however, they transfer their tasks to different players over time. Microbiome core does not change, but its surrounding environment varies according to the person and lifestyle. The thing we call the core is the function. This function occurs continuously in our bodies. Our main goal is to change the players who undertake this function in the best way and to place good players who undertake multiple tasks.
Homo sapiens have been evolving and interacting for thousands of years with friendly microorganisms in the body. Specifically, metabolites nucleic acids produced by living microorganisms in the gut and even genetic materials are transported into the human systemic circulation and lead to activation of inactive genes through epigenetic mechanisms, which can benefit health, lead to the development of various diseases and evolution. Gut microbiota is a complex ecosystem that provides important functions to the host in a healthy state by affecting metabolism, modulating the immune system, and protecting the body against pathogens. The key to a healthy and long life is to have a healthy gut structure. Therefore, there are numerous benefits of knowing the content of the individual gut microbiome.
We use high-throughput 16S rRNA-nucleotide sequence in these tests. Thanks to new (metagenomic) techniques, our perspective on the world of tiny creatures has changed. We carry as many microbial cells as our own cells. We detect bacteria that make up the gut microbiome using advanced molecular genetic analyzes. We are able to carry out the process completely, including bacteria whose name or function we don’t know. The main process is to classify all the bacteria in the gut according to their genetic structure and to analyze how many bacteria are there in each class in the population. In the stool sample, we can easily access this analysis through the 16S_rRNA sequencing method, which is the latest technology DNA sequencing method.
Here, we are working on a great project for the use of a 100% native, 100% scientific and 100% innovative technology, which is produced by our scientists, by the end-users. The microbial DNA of the sample is analyzed at Erciyes University Genome and Stem Cell Center, personal microbiome profiles are obtained and the reports are shared with the users through the mobile app through a safe and user-specific network.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can discover which foods are ideal for you. Thus, we aim for optimal health. Our artificial intelligence engine performs multiple analyses of the data included in our extensive database. High-quality peer-reviewed scientific literature studies that are carefully selected, expert information from our science team, biological tests, and client feedbacks train our artificial intelligence machine. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, we obtain much more data more quickly and clearly than the human mind can analyze. Artificial intelligence has been proved to be useful in medicine and in many fields and has made a breakthrough in today's technology. Artificial intelligence transfers the ability of human beings to think logically, to learn and to apply what they have learned to new situations to the machines. It helps researchers accomplish challenging tasks faster and accelerates medical research. Artificial intelligence is a solution to the concept of ‘time’, which is the biggest problem of our era and which we cannot supply in any way.
We've created a robot specializing in valuable data collected from studies around the world. It contains data about thousands of bacteria and nutrients, as well as information that has been generated with thousands of accumulated experiences, which can't even be found in the literature. We would like to provide a system that takes the minor jobs from the professionals and takes them to the controlling process faster. In the work we do as a draft, we focus on the players who created the final product and provide the proper raw material. Moreover, we don't just leave the whole process to the machine of course; you are constantly in touch with our enbiosis dietitians both online and face-to-face. In addition to the detailed report, your personalized diet list created by our enbiosis dietitians allows you to plan your day in an easier and more balanced way. You will be guided by your enbiosis dietitian on issues such as composition, portion, balance, variety, recommendation, sufficiency, reliability and meal times. Following the reporting stage, you will be followed continuously through the mobile application and face-to-face interviews and feedbacks will be provided weekly. During this process, we also provide psychological motivation support. You should go to your enbiosis dietitian
It doesn't matter which day you take the sample or if there are small changes in your daily diet. We know that there are no major changes in a person's microbiome unless major dietary changes are made. However, other studies have shown that major dietary changes, changes in health, or participation in international travel change your microbiome. In such cases, it would be useful to do multiple tests to see how the microbiome will change.
Yes, two samples taken from the same toilet paper have been found to be almost identical.
Three samples taken from the same person are very similar, independently from reagents or equipment used and persons performing the test in the laboratory. Since each human being has its own unique microbiome, we can clearly distinguish these samples. You are the criterion. Within the scope of the abovementioned conditions, we recommend that the test should be repeated several times a year and your microorganism functions should be checked.
Even if they are processed more than 300 times, the results will be very similar.